School project: "Pupils make a wish for animals"


European animal welfare education is most often done by grown-ups. Therefore it is high time to let children and youth have their say. This idea laid the foundation for our European school project "Pupils make a wish for animals", which we present on the occasion of the World Animal Welfare Day 2013.

Through our European wide network we gained teachers from five countries, which participated with their pupils in the project.

The children sent us their wishes for the well-being of the animals in written form but also as drawings. Out of a selection we created a colourful poster as ray of hope and vision for the future animal welfare education. Where there are wishes, there will also be ways!

We cordially thank the participants from Italy, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain and Austria and hope that you enjoy to browse through the wishes of the children for the animals on the following pages.

We hope that in the future there will be more attention payed to the wishes of the children and that they will be turned into reality. 

The poster about the project (you can click on some elements):


Under the following links you find all the wishes of the children from the various countries. Some of them are underlined with beautiful drawings.

Sweden Spain Austria Italy Slovenja Austria Italy Slovenja Spain Sweden