In Sweden the "Metis School" in Skara participated in the projekt "Pupils make a wish for animals".

Here are the wishes from the children:

The animals should be treated with respect even when they are at the slaughterhouse.
Djuren ska behandlas med respekt, även när de befinner sig på slakteriet.
They should be outside and breathe fresh air.
De ska vara utomhus och andas frisk luft.
(Mathilda, 12 years)

If it is an animal in a cage, the cage shall be adapted to the animal's natural environment.
Om det är ett djur i en bur, så ska buren anpassas efter djurets naturliga miljö.
Take your pet/animal to a pet if it's needed.
Ta djuret till en veterinär om et behövs.
(Albin, 12 years)

A cat needs water, food, company and love.
(Elisa, 7 years old)

Give the animals nutritious food, without bad substances.
Ge djuren näringsrik mat, utan dåliga tillsatser.
Give them enough space to move around and play with their friends.
Ge dem tillräckligt med utrymme för att gå omkring och umgås me dsina vänner.
(Pontus, 12 years)

It is not acceptable to hurt your animal.
Det är inte acceptabelt att göra ditt djur illa.
Keep clean around your animal.
Håll rent hos ditt djur.
Leave your animal alone it it wants to.
Lämna ditt djur i fred om det så önskar. (Erik, 11 years)

It think horses should have the right to be both outdoor and indoor. They should have plenty of water if it is hot.
Jag tycker att hästar ska kunna vara både ute och inne. De måste få mycket vatten om det är varmt.
(Nora, 8 years)

I think that dogs should be allowed to be outdoor much more. They should be able to go out and in as they please.
Jag tycker att hundar ska få vara ute mycket mer. De måste få gå in och ut när de vill.
(Alice, 8 years)

Me and my cat Tusse play with each other. He needs a lot of love, and we do not punish him when he takes a mouse.
(Amanda, 7 years)

Kattis loves to smile with me. She likes to sleep and eat in the stable together with the horses.
(Ebba, 7 years)

The dog should have a door in and out of the house, so it can go out and in whenever he/she wants to. It should be able to go outside and play with friends.
Hunden har en lucka in och ut till huset, så att den kan gå in och ut som den vill. Sen ska ha möjlighet att gå ut till sina vänner.
(Li, 8 years)

Rabbits should be outdoor every day to breathe fresh air. They should have fresh water every day.
Kaniner ska få vara ute på dagarna och få frisk luft. Den ska få nytt vatten varje dag.
(Elsa, 8 years)

Wishes from the children from the 5th grade:

  • You should treat your animals as if they were your own kids (we assume that everyone loves their children)
  • Money shouldn´t rule!!!!
  • The possibility to be with other animals and to be HAPPY.

Elin, Felix, Emanuel, Jana und Ellen

  • The animals should be treated with respect even when they are at the slaughterhouse.
  • To be outside and breathe fresh air.

Annie, Althea, Mathilda und Hampus

  • Give the animals nutritious food without bad substances.
  • Enough space to move around and play with their friends.

Pontus, Axia, Aron und Otilia

Wishes from the children of the fourth grade:

  • Animals are just like human beeings. We need food, fresh water, a house and love and so do they!
  • It’s important that animals at a zoo have it as good as animals in a family.
  • If you want an animal - think it through before you get it. It’s not a toy! Sometimes we people get tired of our pets - but the pets don’t get tired of us.
  • Don’t leave your animal/pet alone too long.
  • Treat all animals with respect - even cattle and other animals that we breed, only to be food and meat.