"Tierschutz macht Schule" (the Association for Animal Welfare Education) provides numerous educational offers that foster animal welfare. They range from teaching materials and brochures to workshops and animal welfare initiatives.

We believe that imparting knowledge about the needs of animals and the right way to treat them is a crucial premise for establishing a society where animal welfare as well as the enforcement of the respective legislation is a common concern. 

Consumers and professionals but also children and youth, who know about their duty of care, can tell whether animals are suffering, know correct ways how to handle them and are able to choose products according to animal welfare parameters are the basis for the future success of animal welfare strategies.

Animal welfare education from “Tierschutz macht Schule” (Association for animal welfare education) follows the principles: solution oriented, age appropriate, appealing and scientifically based. The emotionally sensitive subject is presented without shocking pictures or extreme points of view but with a lot of information and solution oriented approaches suitable for daily use.

For our target groups (children, youth, teachers, consumers, professionals and the general public)
we offer:

  • Educational materials about pets, farm animals, wild animals, horses and research animals for kindergarden and school
  • Animal welfare lessons provided by certified lecturers for schools, educational colleges and youth organisations
  • Animal welfare workshops as further education for teachers and other professions
  • A formation for teachers in order to become a animal welfare lecturer in cooperation with Austrian educational colleges
  • Youth program "Pet Budy" 
  • Information brochures for the public
  • Knowledge transfer around animal welfare in cooperation with the media.

Our "Tierschutz macht Schule" image folder provides a further overview of our acitivities.