Animal welfare workshops

We offer further education about animal welfare for different target groups.

Do you want to impart knowledge about animal welfare to children, youth or grown-ups? Is there a certain animal welfare issue you want to deal with?

Our workshops can be tailored to your particular needs...


A) For pedagogues:

In addition to our teaching materials we offer workshops for teachers in cooperation with the Austrian educational colleges.

Aim: Geeting to know animal welfare issues in more detail. The particpants have the possibility to share their ideas for animal welfare lessons and receive professional input. They get to know our experts and during excursions the practical aspects of animal welfare can be experienced.

Topics: pets, farm animals, wild animals

Example: Farm animals - workshop 

Together with Mag. Daniela Lipka from "Tierschutz macht Schule" the participants of this workshop had the chance to observe the natural behaviour of cows, goats and chicken in free-range. Following that they made conclusions about the behaviour of these animals and which keeping conditions are necessary in order to allow it. They also discussed how these issues are related to the consumption of animal products and how to communicate these complex issues to children and the youth.
Our teaching magazin "Animal pro - farm animals" was the basis for this workshop. 

B) For pedagogues still in formation

"Tierschutz macht Schule" advocates for the permanent integration of animal welfare education in the curricula of ongoing pedagogues. We offer special workshops for future teachers that shall help them to get acquainted with the topic and corresponding didactic methods. 

Example: Young pedagogues for animal welfare!

During two months in 2010 "Tierschutz macht Schule" organised several lecutures about animal welfare in the formation of teachers together with the Upper Austrian educational college. Over 150 committed young teachers particpated and got to know tools in order to communicate knowledge about pets, farm animals and wild animals. 

C) For others

We also offer workshops for other target gropus like farmers, operators fo riding stables, employees in pet-shops or private pet-keepers and so on.
Together with us they can learn about about methods of imparting knowledge about animal-welfare to their customers or apply it them selves.

Example: Experiencing yourself - with horses...

This workshop was about the needs of horses and a fair way to use them. The experts from "Tierschutz macht Schule" explained the Austrian animal welfare act and the minimum requirements for the keeping of horses. The participants (operators of riding stables and farmers) also got to know many didactic games that help them to communicate the right treatment of horses to their customers in a sustainable and motivating way.