Become an AW lecturer

You want to communicate AW to pupils in a playful way, based on scientific facts?

In cooperation with the Austrian colleges of education the Association for Animal Welfare Education ("Tierschutz macht Schule") has launched a further education for pedagogues to become an animal welfare lecturer. 

The participants of the course are all pedagogues who will either use their new skills with their own classes or who will offer animal welfare lessons for other schools or educational institutions as well.

Several experts from the field of animal welfare provide the qualitatively high lessons for the formation that runs over two semesters (approx. 11 weekends).

The contents of the course are:

  • Learning to impart animal welfare issues based on scientific facts
  • Getting to know didactic methods that foster the enthusiasm for animal welfare in a responsible way
  • Understanding the needs and behaviour of pets, farm animals, wild animals, research animals and horses
  • Developing a personal style for teaching animal welfare

Schools and other pedagogic institutes can also book animal welfare lecturers.