At regular intervals "Tierschutz macht Schule" puts educational focus initiatives on important tasks of animal welfare. Those aim to reach especially grown-ups and consumers

In the context of an initiative common knowledge and practically relevant tips are communicated in an appealing way. We have developed educational methods and tools that do not only adress persons that are already interested in animal welfare but also those who are generally not so bothered by the issue. 

We want to support the public in integrating animal welfare in their daily routine!

We therefore publish information brochures and provide solution oriented information ranging from scientific articles to games and quizzes that promote new possibilities of behaviour and acting on our german page under "Initiatives"

The aim of an initiative is to raise the level of public alertness for an issue and therefore enable a rethinking process. Initiatives are usually accompanied by media conferences (you can view some examples on our press page)

In 2011 we reached more than 35.000 Austrians with our initiatives