Animal friendly consumption

With the information on our German pages we want to show that an animal friendly consumption is possible by providing

  • practical tips for an animal friendly purchase when it comes to eggs, milk, joghurt, cheese, meat and sausages.

We explain the Austrian certification marks and control authorities but also why the organic production system results in products that are more expensive for the consumers.

As the aim is to enable consumers to take a well informed purchase decision we also give important background information about production systems and definitions of terms such as "species-appropriate" but also the Austrian animal welfare act.
Furthermore the initiative puts forward convincing arguments for animal friendly housing systems and organic farming which the users can apply in further discussions with family or friends. 

Pictures, interviews but also quizzes and animations make it possible to communicate the complex information in an appealing and easy to understand way.  

A template for an invitation card to a party with animal friendly products as well as recommendations for films that inform about the issue keep up the motivation to integrate the subject into the dialy routine.