Fish and You!

© Dr. Anton Lamboj Teaserbild Aquarium © Dr. Anton Lamboj

When we developed our teaching magazine "Animal pro - pets" as well as during our workshops about pets we have been dealing with fishkeeping and animal welfare. In this context we discovered that the needs of fish and the concept of animal welfare when it comes to keeping them is not a widespread issue amongst children and adults.

With our new initiative called "Better living for fish and Co.!" we now aim to change that together with our partners the Austrian „Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo“ and the Association „Blauer Kreis Zoologische Gesellschaft Österreichs für Tier- und Artenschutz“.

For the initiative a beautiful and cheeky new mascot, called Kati Platy, was brought to life. She will show us completely new view-points of fish keeping and animal welfare!

(c) Dr. Anton Lamboj

The platform for the initiative will be a new children's website, created by Mag. Daniela Lipka with the support of various experts e.g. from the "Österreichischer Verband für Vivaristik und Ökologie".
Fish will be presented as pets, wild animals but also as animals for production. Fishkeeping and a checklist for aquaria as well as several information sheets about the origin and needs of aquarium fish are also part of the website. A fish-safari and further e-learing tools about "ethics and fish" complete the teaching materials. The website is mainly directed at children and youth from the age of 8 years.

To start the initiative "Tierschutz macht Schule" has launched a competition for schools in march 2013 called "Give your voice to the fish". The pupils were appealed for writing a story about fish in aquaria, compose a song for them or shoot a video. Over 60 schools participated and the winners will soon be presented on the association's German website.


We cordially thank Dr. Anton Lamboj for his beautiful pictures!