Humans and dogs

Our initiative about a positive living together of humans and dogs concentrated on a safe encounter and the understanding of dogs' needs and their body language.

The aim of the initiative was to reach dog lovers but also persons, who are not interested in dogs or who feel uncomfortable when meeting a dog. 

For the initiative we produced a set of educational materials

  • the brochure "Understanding dogs" with important explainations about the behaviour of dogs and responsible dog-ownership

as well as information pages on the website for dog lovers containing

  • adresses of recommended high quality dog schools
  • a list of treats and a handicraft instruction to make an "entertainment-box" for dogs
  • recommendations for training videos
  • a quizz to test your level of knowledge about dogs

and information pages on the website for persons who feel uncomfortable around dogs communicating

  • the body language of dogs
  • tips for uneasy situations
  • an animation how to stroke a dog correctly

In addition we gave recommendations how to create a safe encounter of children with dogs.

The Austrian Minister of Health Alois Stöger supported the initiative.

Minister Alois Stöger with Maruscha and Stella