Brochure "Safe encounter with pasture animals"

Our new brochure prepares you for a safe encounter with grazers

Know-how prevents accidents with animals on pastures.

This brochure shows hikers and mountainbikers which rules they should follow for being a "good guest on the pasture". 

Meeting farm animals in the open is a special experience. In order to prevent missunderstandings between humans and animals a couple of rules should be obeyed.

"Distance is decent" that's the pasture "etiquette" as it makes the grazers feel safer. Even when giving the herd a wide berth one should keep an eye on the animals especially if a dog is accompanying you.

The brochure that was written in cooperation with numerous experts shows how the threatening gestures of cattle look like and what to do in an emergency. It also provides hints for the encounter with sheep, goats and horses.

Mag. Marie-Helene Scheib (general manager of the association for animal welfare education) points out: "Do not feed the animals, also if they are behind a fence. They could hurt each other during the struggle for the treat."

The feeding of pasture animals, which is often considered as an entertaining experience by children often leads to severe digestion disorders in the animals. It is therefore better to motivate children to observe the animals from an adequate distance.

The brochure also contains funny quizzes for the whole family e.g. finding out how a goat's eye looks like. The brochure is not only a helpful preparation for the next hiking or biking trip but also a good entertainment for your next rest outside.

The german brochure can be ordered for free in Austria by writing an email to: (one piece per order).