Teaching magazines

We offer pedagogically approved materials for teachers and other pedagogues to use in their lesson or in kindergarten. 

They are suitable for biology or German lessons but can also be used for teaching English (the research animals magazine contains an English interview).

The magazines can be used as a basis for project weeks or days, papers and presentations or simply as a present for children and juveniles as the magazines contain many stories, quizzes and a poster.

Our collection of teaching magazines consists of the following series:

  • "Animal pro" (for primary and secondary education up to university; themes: pets, farm animals, wild animals, research animals and horses)
  • "WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP" (for kindergarten and primary education; themes: about animal welfare in general, kids and dogs, laying hens and just newly published an issue about kids and cats!)
  • "Say hello to cow and co." (for primary and secondary education; theme: farm animals)

For each magazine there is an accomapaniying issue for theachers and pedagogues which contains the answers to the quizzes, further information about the issue and didactic proposals.

Thanks to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health the magazines can be orderd for free by Austrian schools and educational institutions. 

At the moment the teaching magazines of "Tierschutz macht Schule" are only available in German but we are working on translations to other languages.

Please contact our team (office@tierschutzmachtschule.at) if you want to cooperate on this issue.

The following teaching material sampler contains pages that have been translated to English:

Sampler teaching magazines