Teaching magazine "Animal pro - horses"

About horses in the history of humanity, the life of wild horses today and animal welfare for horses and donkeys.

This magazine deals with issues such as:

  • the anchestors of our domesticated horses: they are living in the desert gobi thanks to a successful resettlement project of Przewalski-horese out of European zoos - a good example to explain species conservation to children.
  • the importance of horses and donkeys in the history of mankind: from cave art to the stagecoach and the other working horses e.g. in agriculture
  • mobility before the area of cars.
  • living in a herd - how does it work?
  • horses, zebra and donkeys: the equine community presents itself and  its needs
  • equine friendly husbandry
  • checklist for a well-run riding stable
  • many quizzes, anatomy, sudoku, a poster and the story "a horse is not a piece of sports equipment".

The magazine is suitable for primary and secondary education and can be flexibly used in class without preparation time or previous knowledge. 

For this issue of "Animal pro" there is no additional magazine for theachers. The solutions for the quizzes etc. can be found online here

Here the Sudoku animals for the quizz on page 38 can be found for download Sudoku-Animals

The jolly tale character "Hubsi-Huf" guides the kids through the magazine.

Every pupil should get his/her own magazine to take it home and use it also out of school.

Here you find some example pages

Acknowledgement: We cordially thank Melissa Liszewski and Klemens Kaar for providing us with these wonderful translations.

Order: You can order the magazine (only availabe in German) for the prize of 1€ per magazine and postal charges here or by sending an email to