Teaching magazine "Animal pro - pets"

What are the needs of rabbits, guinea pigs, cats etc. living with us?

Who were the wild ancestors of our pets? What does the Austrian animal welfare law say about keeping? Questions like these as well as ways of avoiding dangers or choosing the right animal are answered in a child appropriate and fascinating way.

The objecitves of this teaching magazine are:
Taking on responsibility for pets, observing their behaviour, learning how to design and decorate their cages/habitats adequately.

The magazine contains: Q&A, discussion topics, drawings, games, writing assignments, quizzes, presentations

It is suitable for primary and secondary education and can be flexibly used in class without preparation time or previous knowledge. 

Find some example pages here:
"Animal pro - pets"

The mascot "Kater Klaro" (Cat klaro) guides the kids through a lovingly designed world of quizzes, stories and a lot of information.

Every pupil should get his/her own magazine to take it home and use it also out of school.

For teachers there is an additional magazine that contains answers to the quizzes and additional information on the subject as well as didactic suggestions.

Order: You can order the magazine (only availabe in German) for the prize of 1€ per magazine and postal charges here or by sending an email to