Research animals

Teaching magazine "Animal pro - research animals"

Which purposes do animal tests serve? How do research animals live before their life in the laboratory? Will there, at least in the European Union, soon be cosmetics not tested on animals at all? Teach your pupils the history of animal tests and show them the alternatives as well as how the living conditions of these animals can be improved.

The objecitves of this teaching magazine are:
Ethics and science, safety tests and cosmetics from the point of view of animal experiments. Knowing EU guidelines and learning about the possible influence of consumers as well as the history of animal experiments.

This interactive teaching magazine can flexibly be used in class without preparation time. It suitable for secondary education and college as well as young people interested in studying at university.

The magazine contains: Q&A, discussion topics, interviews, quizzes, writing assignments, presentations, role plays etc.

Find some example pages here:
"Animal pro - research animals"

The mascot "Rita 3R" guides the kids through the magazine. 

Every pupil should get his/her own magazine to take it home and use it also out of school.

Together with this magazine for pupils an additional magazine for teachers is available which contains answers to the quizzes and additional information on the subject as well as didactic suggestions such as role plays etc.

Order: You can order the magazine (only availabe in German) for the prize of 1€ per magazine and postal charges here or by sending an email to