Sympathy for toads, beavers, insects and other animal neighbours

With our new teaching magazines pupils learn how important the understanding for wild animals around us is. Unfortunately there are still a lot of prejudices which make these animals' lives difficult. In many cases a lack of knowledge is the reason, such as eg. the wrong assumption that pigs and pigeons are dirty and that beavers eat fish or that dragonflies have a sting.


Picture beaver: © Leopold Kanzler

The teaching magazine helps to overcome prejudices. With their new knowledge the pupils can support the animals!


Order: You can order the magazine (only availabe in German) for the prize of 1€ per magazine and postal charges here or by sending an email to

Look out for toads, spiders, insects & Co!


A toad called Erich accomanies the pupils through the pages of the magazine. He shows them for example, how to make friends with spiders. The magazine also contains tipps for animal observation and the funny comments of Erich ensure fun whilst learning.

The magazine has 43 pages. Here you can find some example pages (only in German) examples.

A page out of the teaching magazine Animal pro - Tolerance
© Barbara Thaler- Knoflach: