First encounter with animal welfare

Teaching magazine
"Understand animals with the WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP"

WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP, a jolly tale character, is the star of this magazine-series. He is named after a after a “Wellensittich” (German for budgie), a “Katze” (German for cat), a “Hund” (German for dog), a  “Kanninchen” (German for rabbit) and a “Meerschweinchen” (German for guinea pig) and a fish who makes “Plopp”. 

He explains to children how animals wish to be treated and teaches them a song about animal welfare. We recommend this magazine, which is suitable for kindergarten and primary education, for children who experience animal welfare for the first time. The girls and boys learn for example that animals need resting times and adequate cage decoration.

Furthermore the adventures of “WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP” aim to impart empathetic social behaviour such as respect for weaker members of society and taking on responsibility for animals.

Objective: basic knowledge about animals’ needs

This beautifully illustrated magazine with quizzes and drawings shows children that protecting animals is also fun. Finally the kids can also make their own “Well-Ka-Hu-Ka-Meer-Plopp” following the crafts instructions.

The adventures of the "WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP" are also a beautiful present that parents, grandparents or friends can give to children.

Together with this magazine for children an additional magazine for teachers/grown-ups is available which contains answers to the quizzes, additional information on the subject, a beautiful poster as well as didactic suggestions such as notes for a song or a handicrafts instruction.

Suitable from the age of 5 (to read out) and for primary school as e.g. reading exercise. You can order the magazines (only in German) for the price of 1€ per magazine and postal charges under this link

Here you find some example pages

Acknowledgement: We cordially thank Melissa Liszewski and Klemens Kaar for providing us with these wonderful translations.

Order: You can order the magazine (only availabe in German) for the prize of 1€ per magazine and postal charges here or by sending an email to




We cordially thank the Kindergarten Ullreichgasse for the beautiful performance, Daniele Lipka (camera), Hartmut Schnedl (cut), Roman Michnowska (composition of the song) and Isabella Scherabon (creation of the puppets). 

The lyrics of the song can be found in the WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP magazine and the notes are in the additional magazine.