Kids understand Cats

New teaching magazine: Miau, that's clever!

According to a study of the Linzer reserach institute "Spectra", cats are the most favored pets in Austria. Many children brim over with enthusiasm for cats and live together with them in one home.
Therefore it has been high time for us to present our new teaching magazine for school classes with quizzes, instructions for handicrafts and even a song about cats. The thought-provoking magazine is called "Understand cats with the WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP".

In this magazine the tale-character WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP experiences an adventure in an animal shelter. There he meets five cats, which tell him that they got to the animal shelter because their owners didn't understand them right. Unfortunately many people get cats without really knowing about them.
Cats only feel well when their natural needs are met. For cats in homes/flats this is only possible if they live cat-appropriate. In the magazine children learn how they can create an environment in their home, where also cats feel well, with simple resources. They also learn why it is important to understand the body language of cats if you want to gain their friendship.

Foto: Copyright Isabella Scherabon

In the magazine for children you find:

  • the cat-story which can also be uses as reading -exercise, 
  • funny quizzes aroung cats
  • the text for the mouse-song "friendshp with cats"

The accompanying magazine for teachers/parents contains:

  • A board game "cats and ladders" where children learn what cats like and don't like while playing. 
  • Characteristics of cats for e.g. a presentation in the classroom
  • Handicraft instructions for a toy for cats
  • The notes to the mouse-song "Friendship with cats". Here you can also listen to the song
  • A test for responsible animal fans called: "you wish for a cat?"
    With this test mispurchases and animal suffering can be avoided. Parents and children should do the test together if they plan to get a cat. It helps to judge wether the family is ready to have a cat in the house. 

Example pages (only in German): page 2, page 6, page 12

Educational objective: getting to know the animal cat, taking on responsibility for animals and animal welfare using the example of cats, directions for a better living together with cats, raise understanding for animals.

Suitable for children aged 7 to 10.

Order: You can order the magazine (only availabe in German) for the prize of 1€ per magazine and postal charges here or by sending an email to