Kids understand dogs

Teaching magazine "Learn to understand dogs with the "WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP"

The Well-Ka-Hu-Ka-Meer-Plopp is an ambassador of the animals and knows how to speak their language. He is named after a after a “Wellensittich” (German for budgie), a “Katze” (German for cat), a “Hund” (German for dog), a  “Kanninchen” (German for rabbit) and a “Meerschweinchen” (German for guinea pig) and a fish who makes “Plopp”. In this magazine he eavesdrop on a secret meeting of the dogs. They are worried because humans often misunderstand them and they eagerly wish for their concerns to be noticed. Wuff! That's clear mission for the Well-Ka-Hu-Ka-Meer-Plopp who will translate the needs of the dogs for the children. 

The magazine contains:

  • a sensitive story about the responsibility humans have towards animals
  • solution oriented approaches for a safe encounter of children with dogs
  • quizzes, a jolly dog-song to sing along, a poster and a handicrafts-instruction

Objectives: This magazine contributes to the prevention of dog related accidents with children and sets the basis for a successful human-animal-relation. Children learn how to react to a dog, read its body language but also what a dog's needs are. The story and the test "You want a dog?" for the whole family shall also help to prevent the inconsiderate purchase of a dog.

Here you find some example pages

Acknowledgement: We cordially thank Melissa Liszewski and Klemens Kaar for providing us with these wonderful translations.

The adventures of the "WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP are also a beautiful present that parents, grandparents or friends can give to children.

Together with this magazine for children an additional magazine for teachers/grown-ups is available which contains answers to the quizzes, additional information on the subject, a beautiful poster as well as didactic suggestions such as notes for the song and a handicrafts instruction

Suitable from the age of 5 (to read out) and for primary school as e.g. reading exercise.

Order: You can order the magazine (only availabe in German) for the prize of 1€ per magazine and postal charges here or by sending an Email to