Kids understand laying hens

Right in time before Easter! The badge for laying hens and eggs pros!

A great tool for motivating and rewarding!

First read the teaching magazine about laying hens (see below) together with the kids.
When they know how to identify eggs from a laying-hen friendly husbandry system, you can print out this beautiful badge for them.

Here you can view the badge: laying hen and egg pro.


Learn more about laying hens and how to identify eggs from an animal friendly husbandry

New teaching magazine:

Understand laying hens with the WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP! 

WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP, a jolly tale character, is the star of this magazine-series. He is named after a after a “Wellensittich” (German for budgie), a “Katze” (German for cat), a “Hund” (German for dog), a  “Kanninchen” (German for rabbit) and a “Meerschweinchen” (German for guinea pig) and a fish who makes “Plopp”.

He is ambassador of the animals and helps them to communicate with the children. In the magazine he presents his "Chicken-phone" to the kids. With this "device" the kids can contact and talk to the the laying hen "Pippa Piep". They learn what makes her happy: e.g. a sand bath or shrubbery to hide in. Will the children als learn to decode the secret numbers on the eggs? If so they know under which husbandry conditions Pippa lives.

The magazine offers:

  • an introduction to the food issue: eggs and their origin
  • an age-appropriate insight into the living-conditions of laying hens
  • information for the young consumers, how they can identify eggs from animal friendly husbandry.

The accompanying magazine for teacher, parents or other grown-ups contains:

a joyful chicken-song to sing and dance along, quizzes about hens and eggs, simple recipies with eggs to try out, a beautiful poster and two exciting handicrafts-instructions for making the WELL-KA-HU-KA-MEER-PLOPP and a cool cover for a mobile phone in the shape of a chicken.

Please find some (german) example pages here:

example page 1

example page 2

example page 3

example page 4

Our tip: Every child should get his or her own magazin and also keep it in order to take it home. The magazines are designed in a way that motivates children to concern themselves with the magazines on their own as well. This fosters  sustainable learning.
One accompanying magazine per kindergarten/class is sufficient.

The adventures of the "Well-Ka-Hu-Ka-Meer-Plopp are also a beautiful present that parents, grandparents or friends can give to children.

Suitable from the age of 5 (to read out) and for primary school as e.g. reading exercise.

Order: You can order the magazine (only availabe in German) for the prize of 1€ per magazine and postal charges here or by sending an email to