The association "Tierschutz macht Schule" communicates that knowledge about animal welfare brings joy. Understanding animals better, helps animals and enriches the lives of children and adults.
Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck, PhD (President of the association "Tierschutz macht Schule")

What we do on national level

"Tierschutz macht Schule" aims to improve the living conditions of pets, livestock, laboratory and wild animals in our society in the long-term. We also want to activate and foster maturity and participation of the public, among children and young people in particular. To achieve this, we have developed a broad offering of teaching materials and programmes mainly for educational institutions. All materials are produced in close collaboration with experts in diverse areas of animal welfare and education in line with the current state of research.

Animal welfare education as a means to improve social interaction

We are convinced that animal-friendly husbandry and appropriate care for animals require in-depth knowledge which our materials convey based on scientific facts and sprinkled with humour. Learning how to handle and care for animals will also foster empathy and help improve social interaction. It will also contribute to preventing violence and enhance the learning ability of children and young people.

Knowledge transfer at EU level

Animal welfare education can also pre-emptively and sustainably prevent animal suffering and the resulting costs for the public sector (animal shelters, animal health and hygiene etc.). Funding for animal welfare education initiatives are therefore an extremely efficient investment both for animal welfare and society. Active throughout Austria, our association is considered the primary port of call for knowledge transfer in animal welfare.

If you want to know more about our work or would like to work with us, please get in touch!