The association "Tierschutz macht Schule" communicates that knowledge about animal welfare brings joy. Understanding animals better, helps animals and enriches the lives of children and adults.
Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck, PhD (President of the association "Tierschutz macht Schule")

About us

The association "Tierschutz macht Schule" and its members aim to communicate the concept of animal welfare to the society.
Together with the board of directors the management leads the daily business of the association. The scientific advisory board contributes to the quality control of the knowledge-transfer. 

We have long-time experience in communicating animal welfare to children, the youth and the general public as well as professionals such as e.g. teachers. 

"Tierschutz macht Schule" provides successfull educational concepts, methods and materials that aim to raise the level of animal friendly acting in the society.