The association "Tierschutz macht Schule" communicates that knowledge about animal welfare brings joy. Understanding animals better, helps animals and enriches the lives of children and adults.
Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck, PhD (President of the association "Tierschutz macht Schule")

Our achievements for animal welfare

A balanced animal welfare education is the best foundation for propagating lifelong good practice in caring for animals and therefore contributes to their wellbeing. The strong demand for a solid animal welfare education is evidenced by the increasing popularity of our materials.

A study completed in 2017 entitled "Success factors of the animal welfare association 'Tierschutz macht Schule'" highlights the association's work and structure in order to serve as a source of inspiration for similar international initiatives and European legislation.

Education of children and young people

Our greatest achievements are our results in educating children and young people.

  • Since 2007 we have distributed over 961,200 copies of our teaching materials.
  • About 3,500 schools and educational institutions throughout Austria have ordered our products since our foundation in 2006.
  • More than 16,900 students have taken part in our hands-on Pet Buddy workshops and our expert-led animal welfare classes.

Adult education

In adult education, "Tierschutz macht Schule" primarily targets influencers. However, the increased number of brochure orders and participants in events such as further education courses and trade fairs bears witness to a growing interest in a balanced and professional animal welfare education in the adult population: 

  • Since our association was established, more than 96,700 adults have ordered our brochures, in particular those encouraging good practices in cat and dog care and chicken farming.
  • Around 6,300 people have proactively ordered our materials.
  • Numerous educators and adults have participated in different workshops organised by our association.
  • According to Matomo Analytics explicit 140,635 Website visitors during 2020.
  • In 2020 alone we reached out to 2,800 people through our newsletter.
  • Through our presence at events and trade fairs we were able to approach numerous individuals and inform them about our workings.

Date: 31.12.2020

corporate video

Watch the Tierschutz macht Schule video clip (duration 2:48 minutes), which was created for the 10th anniversary of Tierschutz mach Schule in 2016. The video is hosted by Kater Klaro, one of the „staff members“ and gives you a glimpse of the profound work that’s been established over the last years.